Kedalion AcuStream

Precise dosing, more comfort, better outcomes.

We see a better way.

Kedalion Therapeutics is focused on revolutionizing the delivery of topical ocular medicine to significantly increase patient comfort and ease of use. Kedalion’s AcuStreamTM technology is being developed for delivery of topical drugs to the eye in a precise and accurate manner that will enable comparable therapy with an 80% reduction in dose relative to standard drops. The potential for reduced side effects and increased patient comfort is intended to transform the concept of simplicity, convenience and adherence in self-administered care for leading ocular diseases.

Studies show…

More than

90% of patients

dose improperly

24% of

eye drop bottles

are contaminated 1

30% of patients

who think they have good technique actually

miss the eye 2

Introducing AcuStream™

A Novel Delivery System to Improve Patient Outcomes

Kedalion’s AcuStream technology is being developed to revolutionize the delivery of topical eye medications with a goal of achieving better patient experiences and outcomes.

Kedalion AcuStream

1. B. Teucher, J. Wagner, et al. Microbial contamination of glaucoma eye drops used by patients compared with ocular medications used in the hospital
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