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Introducing AcuStream™

A Novel Delivery System to Improve Patient Outcomes

Kedalion's AcuStream technology delivers topical drugs to the eye in a precise and accurate manner that enables comparable efficacy with an 80% reduction in dose compared to standard drops, and a significantly improved side effect profile along with patient comfort and convenience following self-administration.

Issues with Current Topical Ocular Drug Therapies

  • An overdose in each drop
  • Administration Errors
  • Frequent Contamination
  • Discontinuation Rates
  • Poor Outcomes

~5x the necessary drug

Each drop delivers ~5x the necessary drug

Patients often double-dose due to uncertainty. 1

1. Marshall Allen. (2017, October 18). Drug Companies Make Eyedrops Too Big — And You Pay for the Waste. Retrieved from

> 90% of patients dose improperly

30% of patients who think they have

good technique actually miss the eye. 2

2. A.J. Winfield, D. Jessiman et al. A study of the causes of non-compliance by patients prescribed eyedrops.. Br.J.. Ophthal.1990 Aug;74(8):477-480; Online Medicine (Baltimore), 2015; 94(8):e583

24% of self-administered bottles

are found to be contaminated. 3

3. B. Teucher, J. Wagner, et al. Microbial contamination of glaucoma eye drops used by patients compared with ocular medications used in the hospital;

51% of patients discontinue

their topical medical therapy

within 1 year. 4

4. A.P. Rotchford, K.M. Murphy. Compliance with Timolol treatment in glaucoma. Eye, 1998; 12:234-6;

Poor administration & compliance

lead to poor outcomes.

Aiming to Improve Patient Outcomes

Approach for
Drug Delivery

Up to 80% dose reduction shown to have comparable efficacy and potentially reduced adverse events.

Delivery Using a
Lower Dose

Accurate & precise delivery of drug in a low-cost platform well suited for the topical ophthalmic market.

Potential Benefits
for Patients,
Physicians & Providers

Potential for more comfort and convenience, fewer side effects and reduced burden on healthcare system.

Kedalion AcuStream

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